What is till?

Every day, restaurants all over the US throw out perfectly good, untouched food that can’t be sold the next day.

till connects local restaurants’ leftover food to hungry customers for a discounted price.

Save food, save money, and support local community.

Incredible Deals


Find local restaurants offering great food at great prices. Try your favorite dishes at better prices or discover a new spot.

Support Local

When it comes to supporting the local community there is no better way than discovering new restaurants in your area. Taste the flavors of your neighborhood.

Save the planet 

By partnering with restaurants that care about the planet, till is able to ensure food is eaten instead of wasted. Did you know that over one-third of all food at restaurants in thrown away!

Become a Partner
We are always looking for new partners to join our restaurant network. If you are a San Diego restaurant and want to grow your customer base and cut down on food waste, contact us today at 

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